About Us

We are...

up and fully operational with (17) double-sized heavy-duty truck bays allowing us to continue providing the highest level of quality upfitting solutions in the most technologically advanced way. From our astute construction strategy delivering improved operational efficiency and optimal bay utilization to live camera feeds for each customer’s build; our highly experienced and accomplished specialists demand success and are committed to continuous improvements enhancing our long-term relationships with you, our very treasured customers.

  • Fully operational with our normal business hours
  • Stocked for quick builds (Tenco, Monroe, BeauRoc)
  • Demo trucks are available to be left on site for the crew to check out or we can stay for questions but maintain proper social distancing

The brand New England...

has trusted for more than 70 years is still continuously evolving to ensure we constantly exceed our customer’s expectations for the present and beyond..

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